Hearing Aid Fittings

Once you have completed a Hearing Evaluation and it is determined you would benefit from hearing devices, we will provide a recommendation on the right product for you.Being an independent audiology office we are not limited to a single manufacturer and have the knowledge and training to work with the 6 major brands, as well as, several others.

What Can I Expect When Wearing Hearing Devices?

We program the hearing aids to match your unique hearing ability. At this point every patient undergoes comprehensive instruction on how to listen again. Emphasis is placed on how the brain must relearn to focus on specific sounds that the individual wants to pay attention to and ignore irrelevant noises. Hearing aids are an important aspect of treating a hearing loss, but we can’t forget the important role the brain plays in our ability to understand speech.

What If I Need an Adjustment?

Hearing care is a journey, not a quick fix. We are here for you every step of the way. We schedule routine follow-ups; but if you feel like you need some adjustments at any point just give us a call. We’ll get you taken care of right away.